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This is a brand new legion looking for new members who want to enjoy playing Aion with others.  This legion is more for the casual player who may only play Aion a few hours a week, but welcomes more active players and RPers.  Everyone has a different schedule in which to play and different things going on in their lives.  We understand this.  The purpose of this legion is to engage in playing with others, help each other with quests, come to the aid of legion-mates when possible, and eventually take part in instance raids and fort battles.

If you are interested in joining this legion, please be sure to read the below expectations.  Your application submission will be confirmation that you have read the expectations and agree to abide by them.  Members can only have one character in this legion, but that may change once the legion is able to reach level 2.


  • Members are expected to act in a mature manner not only to other members but everyone as member behavior is a reflection of the legion.  This includes in game communications as well as in forums.
  • Members should be open to questing with fellow members when invited and should feel free to invite other members to quest if desired.
  • If a member is attacked by the other faction and calls for assistance, other members should be willing to assist if they are able.
  • Members should be active players and show interest in the activities of the legion by checking the legion website once a week.  Participating in the legion forum is encouraged as well as writing stories (for the rpers).
  • Members should be willing to contribute kinah towards the goal of raising the level of the legion.  Donations can be sent to the brigade-general (BG).
  • Members who engage in inappropriate behavior in game or in the forums are subject to expulsion from the legion at the BG's discretion.
  • The BG has the final say in member disputes.
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